Whenever we do some work, a basic thing that we require in return is appreciation; of course apart from the thing/result for which we did it.

Have you ever been in a situation when you did something with all zeal and enthusiasm, and the reaction of your parents, teachers or friends was numb? If yes, can I ask how it feels?  Well, to be honest, I don’t need to ask. I know it hurts, not physically but emotionally and it shatters all your zeal and enthusiasm.

Even when a dog (an animal), does something adorable or it thinks is good, they look for a little appreciation from their owners. All I mean is, not only humans, but even animals; to be more precise all living being with any amount of intellect want appreciation for anything good they do.

To begin with childhood, appreciation plays a vital role in the mental and emotional development of children.  Here I want to emphasize the appreciation that we need as kids. Just suppose the following scenes:

1. You are a kid, say a student of class 3rd or any lower primary class. There is some function in your school and you participated in one of the programs. You come home and tell your parents with all zeal and enthusiasm, expecting them to be cheerful and to encourage you.  Rather all you get is scolding and a rebuke that you should be more heedful about your studies and should not pay much or any attention to these pointless activities.

This not only affects the mind of children adversely but also creates a sense of disagreement towards such activities. It kind of curbs the mental ability of children.

1. A bigger version of the same is when children enter adolescence. Parents want them to study/ work hard and make a career and life for them. And still, in most of the families in our country if the child chooses something against their will, say parents want you to take up engineering as a profession and you chose acting or sports instead. Your short achievements in that field will not make them as happier as the same in engineering would.

Now let us see the cases that show the power of appreciation:

1. Take the first example that we took. If parents of that kid encourage him/her and appreciate him/her for his participation, this will have a positive impact on kid’s mind, and that positive impact will have its influence clearly visible, and for the good.

Not only children but all of us need appreciation for whatever effort we put into our work. And as they say charity and change both starts from home – to start it yourself. Take a pause from your daily rush to appreciate whenever a friend, your siblings, your mother or anyone puts in a little effort to make your day better and make you feel good. Take a pause and appreciate them, if not this much then with a genuine smile compliment them. It will take a moment for you but surely will make their day.

And who knows, you might need the same someday; and karma is really efficient in repaying what you gave it away. And you might never know, but a beautiful compliment can make a worried face smile and nothing feels better than being the reason for a smile of your loved one.

Keep smiling.

Keep reading.

Keep supporting.


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