It was the 20th time in a month they had a fight. But this time more serious than ever, nobody ready to adjust. Both having the same sense of disgust. Both mentally prepared to end it this time.

The problem was the extra best friend of the girl and the boy the reason was each one’s jealousy and fighting.

The problems went far and the decision was either the friendship or the relationship.

The competition was high in foolishness. Both stopped talking to each other in their superiority complex. Both more indulged discussing their problems to their best friends and not self. 

Once, the girl called him from an unknown number to check him if something is fishy.

The boy picked the call and said, “hello!”

The girl was afraid of losing his trust by checking him. But she could not back off either, she succeeded in convincing him that she was his best friend who was the reason for the dispute.

The boy was now excited as well as sad. He tried to explain to her,” listen I know it’s not good to pass this news but I have decided something good for us. I am choosing my relationship this time. It’s just because she was my friend first and a life partner later. So saving that I could gain two of my relations.

So I’m sorry but I could not keep it up with you.”

The boy didn’t wait for her reply and cut the call.

The girl cried too much and slapped herself for the boy’s misery.

Next day the girl decided never to tell him about the misunderstanding.

She herself threw a party with all four buddies and this time love was everywhere and no signs of jealousy.

The girl thanked god and now she knew her rank in his life.

The boy thanked God to give her two understanding of best friends back into his life.

The story ends but moral is that knowing our importance without someone proving it.

Friends are constant but the relationship is not.

So try to save love because friends will never change and they can always adjust.

To all dear friends.

( To haddi….dil se)


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