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Do grades really matter?

Do grades really matter?

Do grades really matter?

We live in a society where the marks decide the fate of a child. When a child is born, his parents decide his profession. Then years after years. when the child becomes a teenager, his marks decides his profession.

According to my theory, what boards either 10 or 12 do in one’s life is manufacturing and installing new software namely”MARKS, GRADES and RANK”. This either destroys life or makes it. But of course, like the 5 fingers are not equal, how a student could be.

It’s a race, a horrible race worst than even discrimination. What can a student prove, if he is judged by the societies and his background? We don’t enjoy the studies, we simply suffer. Due to this devil, the world is changing, people and hobbies too but what is constant is a student’s life. We forget to live the life king size, we start hating everything that disturbs in our studies-hobbies, friends and then ourselves. What remains are mere studies, assignments, school and coaching. 

Now when someone passes 12th, the main game starts with life. I’m one of the victims lying between the lakhs of students in the border between school and college. Sometimes I regret choosing the subject not because I lost my interest but because of marks. “The MARKS”.

The new game is of colleges and that too having great branches that destroy careers Private and Government. This is the race everybody wants to take part in. Again the marks win, the luckiest win, the boards win and who fails, who demoralised, who suicides is a student, a child who sacrificed his life, his hobbies and everything for MARKS and STUDY, but gets a failure.

So wrapping up it’s my question, what really the marks do-it builds or destroys.

Think over it and hope for a new system where the talent and value of a life will mean everything, not “The MARKS”.


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