An unintentional Murder

Let me tell you a story. Oh! I beg your pardon, it isn’t a story rather it is a true incident.

Case I: A woman has married 26 years ago, and did not have a single child. After a lot of treatment and with God’s grace she gave birth to a lovely daughter. She was at the top of the world to cradle her daughter and to share her warmth with her. Due to her age, no one could tell that she gave birth to a child a few days ago – 26years is a long time. One day she was going through a market, with her daughter in her arms. She was jubilant to have her love – her daughter.

Last few weeks have been gleeful for her. But little did she anticipated that something gravely speculative misfortune was ready to meet her. She was busy buying household things, and suddenly out of nowhere a crowd gathered accusing her to be child kidnapper (someone who steals infants and sell them away), hey started abusing and beating her. She had no idea what was happening and why was this happening to her. The mob was not ready to hear any of her pleas. They were bloodthirsty and wanted to lynch her to death.

Fortunately, police reached there in time and tattered the mob and to the women to the police station. By the time police would reach she was mercilessly beaten and abused. There, her husband came with all the proofs, birth certificates and then only the police released her. Police investigation revealed that someone forwarded a fake message on WhatsApp and it led to all this.

Case II: Recently, barely two or three days ago a software engineer – Mohd. Azam employed at Google was lynched to death by a 2,000 strong mob in Kerala. He was in a village with his friends, and they met a few children. They had some conversation with them and in return, as a token of affection wanted to give them some chocolates.

Someone saw them doing so. Rather than asking their identity and calling police if anything suspicious found, they started beating them. Slowly the mob increased in strength and in no time it consisted of 2000 reckless people. The mob lynched the Azam to death and both his friends were seriously injured and are still in hospital as I pen this down.

Azam and his friends have done a simple mistake that on their way back home, they took a halt to distribute some chocolate to local school children.

There are numerous such incidents. These rumours are just manipulating people. In the past two months, more than twenty deaths have been due to fake messages spread through social media. The power and potential of social media are limitless and should be used constructively. Rather we use it without giving a second thought to our actions. A small comment, the post can be manipulated to ignite chaos and disturbance in a peaceful environment.

Make constructive use of social media. Do not forward a message if you doubt its authenticity do not forward it, and if possible stop others from doing so and report the message source. Do not act in a hyperventilating manner on seeing a provoking message, either find its authenticity first or ignore it completely.

Do not let some reckless man typing such message result in another mob lynching incident.

Be a responsible citizen of India, use the power of social media in a constructive way.

Author- Anurag Kasudhan
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