Poor or Rich - RAPHENT

Poor or Rich


After the end- a long time after…

The girl ringed him just to be updated about his whereabouts.

She started the convo with the boy’s success in these past months. She asked him eventually” How much money you have in your pocket recently?”

The boy was in pride, full of attitude and answered her in a classy manner-“that much you can’t even think about.” Adding to this, he began boasting about his stable business, money, accounts, name and fame.

He exclaimed proudly”Do you think am I the same poor lad who couldn’t even afford a penny to spend on you. But now I can buy anything a girl wants…”

To this, the girl though shattered having felt the huge change asked him “Is your available money lying in your pocket is greater to those 20 rupees which I gave you at the time when u were hungry and needed a chai toast?”

The boy secretly disconnected the call controlling his tears in his proud eyes..

He was still poor in her eyes even after his massive success.

The girl didn’t sleep that night and the boy didn’t wake that night…

Author- Ayushi Priya
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